A Life In Ideal-Type

There is motion as an object, and then there is motion as a process, and they intersect somewhere and that seems to be a theme behind these two ongoing projects. Naturally I didn’t set out to do this deliberately (I wonder if anyone does). Deliberately, all I am after is becoming a good photographer. And then when I work on assignments or when I go off on my own with the camera, this is what I am shooting, so I guess that’s what’s going on with me for now.

And so it seems with Brooklyn-based graphic designer/engineer combo Cayla Ferari and John Breznicky, who are taking maps of metro grids and rendering their own reinterpretation onto posters and t-shirts. They are, I think, very good, wearable, consumable intersections.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 1.44.51 PM

And you just know that Max Weber would totally have one.

(see plenty more at LinePosters, mass transit made art)