So I Think

© g.torres

I think there are too many people in art school.

I think I waste too much time looking at art, listening to art and talking about art. I invest too much time in art. There’s too much art.

I think everyone who wants to ever amount to anything should go to business school.

I don’t watch enough television. There are far too few social networks and I don’t upload enough information to them, and when I do I retain too many privacy rights.

I haven’t done enough yet to expand the power base of corporations the world over.

I think, as a rule, people should work more hours for less money and not have so much free time.

Too many people have too much healthcare.

I need to focus on what matters.

My social systems are too egalitarian.

Maybe I am not racist enough.

The gender gap is suffocatingly narrow.

I think I should own a car or two. I take too much public transport. I walk too much. I bike too much.

The environment is overprotected. The air is too clean.

Wake up.

I am too involved in politics. I care way too much. I demand too much accountability of my leaders. There is too much oversight.

My military is starved of resources. I think we need to make it bigger.

I am drowning in kindness. Stop the kindness. Too much of it.

I think I am going to start judging people more.

In general there is just simply way too much embracing of people’s differences.

Listening less and talking more is what I need to do. I listen too much and I don’t have enough opinions.


I think it’s time I started placing a higher value on money.

And isn’t wealth too evenly spread?

I think teachers and nurses and doctors and customer service professionals are overcompensated and get too much respect.

I think marketing-driven body and image expectations are far too close to the reality of being and looking like an actual human.

I just don’t feel there is enough pressure to conform and I wonder how we could increase it.

Also I think I say thank you please and excuse me too much.


I think so. Yes, I definitely think so.