Slack Chat, Monday 28.08.2017

This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity, privacy, sanity, and decency.


Me [10:42 AM]

cause this weekend, Gay Earth was single-mindedly obsessing over Taylor Swift 

so this little glimpse into Straight Earth I just got [two colleagues talking about this weekend’s boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather] was both illuminating and confusing

Other [10:44 AM]

yeah I was lost in my I-Don’t-Own-a-TV-or-Know-What’s-Going-On World

Me [10:46 AM]

I once went on my soapbox and delivered a rousing speech about why romantic relationships are useless evolutionary hangovers, the equivalent of nipples on guys, during a prosecco-fueled dinner party

Other [10:46 AM]

but I generally agree, dogs are just much better persons than people

Me [10:46 AM]

in front of my boyfriend

Other [10:47 AM]


i wish i could’ve seen that!

Me [10:47 AM]

but everyone disagreed



Other [10:47 AM]

you shouldn’t. because you’re right, and that’s that.

Me [10:48 AM]

why thank you


also i’ll never understand the appeal of paying 100 dollars to watch two guys hit each other in the face

Other [10:49 AM]

you’re welcome (I’m scared to disagree with you)


yeah haha me neither

Me [10:49 AM]

though actually now that Ive typed that, it sounds totally logical

Other [10:49 AM]

it’s disgusting to me, and it’s like… a trend or something


all the guys watch that shit now

Me [10:49 AM]



i thought boxing was like Miss World, a super niche retro thing from the 1970s that nobody cares about

Other [10:50 AM]

so did I

Me [10:50 AM]

Miss World Boxing, now that’s an idea

Other [10:50 AM]



that would sell gazillions

Me [10:51 AM]

I would totally watch Miss Wales and Miss Botswana slap each other around in evening wear


deliciously exploitative

Other [10:52 AM]

Miss Wales would be a sheep, so that wouldn’t be a fair fight


I do not condone animal cruelty. 

Me [10:53 AM]

that’s not how it works. they don’t send their biggest exports to miss world. Miss Spain is never an olive.

Other [10:53 AM]

How cool would that be!

Other [10:54 AM]

poor, poor sheep

Me [10:54 AM]

you meant like a metaphorical sheep?

One thought on “Slack Chat, Monday 28.08.2017”

  1. How dare you make fun of beauty pageants! Have you no decency? I live for televised beauty pageants. That’s the only time I feel comfortable putting on my prom dress. One time when I was watching Miss Universe at home in my prom dress, I came in 4th.


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