Hey, oh hi, HI, how are you

Good? Good. 

I’ve moved. I live in Denmark now. I moved here because I got a job writing ads for a big global superbrand. It’s really fun. 

I live in a small city in Jutland, the chunky bit of Denmark. There’s a beach. On hot summer days you can dip your feet in the North Sea. 

I take the bus to work. The bus drives past fields with cows and horses and little houses, and little lakes with ducks, and a big international airport with airplanes. 

Aarhus is a 45-minute train ride away.

It’s nice. 

I listen to audiobooks and podcasts because I get carsick if I try to read a paper book on the bus.

This morning I tried on the Goopfellas podcast, which is a spinoff of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop but for men

In the first 20 seconds: 

Male host #1: Hey man, do you do yoga?

Male host #2: I do bro-ga. 

I switched it off and devoted the rest of my commute to wondering what it must be like to be a person who says things like that. 



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